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H2 I European Trademark

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H2 I kann beispielsweise stehen für / can stand for example for

Hydrogen Green Energy



H2 I kann beispielsweise stehen für / can stand for example for

Hydrogen Zero Emission



H2 I kann beispielsweise stehen für / can stand for example for

Hydrogen, Health, Safety & Environment


Hydrogen Societas Europaea


Hydrogen Smart Energy


Hydrogen Sustainable Energy


Hydrogen Storage Energy



H2 Beispiele für anerkannte Abkürzungen / H2 Examples of recognized abbreviations

H2EV.com = Hydrogen Electric Vehicle

H2ED.com = Hydrogen Electric Drive

H2EC.com = Hydrogen Electric Car or Hydrogen Energy Company

H2AV.com = Hydrogen Aviation

H2DK.com = Hydrogen Denmark and H2Denmark.com … or/and DKH2.com

H2GE.com® = Hydrogen Green Energy

H2GF.com = Hydrogen Green Funds

H2GG.com = Hydrogen Green Generation … or/and

……………………. GH2G.com = Green Hydrogen Generation … … or/and

…………………… GGH2.com = Green Generation Hydrogen

H2GH.com = Hydrogen Green Hub

H2GI.com = Hydrogen Green India

H2GJ.com = Hydrogen Green Japan

H2GQ.com = Hydrogen Green Qatar

H2GV.com = Hydrogen Green Value

H2GW.com = Hydrogen Green World

H2GX.com = Hydrogen Green Xseries

H2GZ.com = Hydrogen Green ZeroEmission

H2NL.com = Hydrogen Netherlands … or/and NLH2.com

H2MX.com = Hydrogen Mexico … or/and MXH2.com

H2BR.com = Hydrogen Britain or British or Brazil … or/and BRH2.com

H2LA.com = Hydrogen Liquid Aircraft … or/and ALH2.com

H2EF.com = Hydrogen Efuels

H2ZC.com = Hydrogen Zero Carbon

H2NZ.com = Hydrogen Net Zero

H2ZA.com = Hydrogen Zeroemission Affordable

H2RU.com = Hydrogen Russia

ZH2.com = Zero-Emission Hydrogen … Z-H2.com … Z-Hy.com … Z-Hydrogen.com

LH2.com = Liquid Hydrogen … L-H2.com … L-H-2.com … LH-2.com … LLH2.com

KH2.com = Kazakhstan Hydrogen



H2 als Stamm, Buchstaben und Bedeutungsvorschlag nach Alphabet / H2 as stem, letters and suggested meaning by alphabet


H2AB.com = Hydrogen Absolutely

H2AJ.com = Hydrogen Ajusa

H2AL.com = Hydrogen Algeria … or/and AH2L.com

H2AM.com = Hydrogen Ammonia

H2AO.com = Hydrogen Angola

H2AP.com = Hydrogen Appliances

H2AQ.com = Hydrogen Active Quality … or/and AQH2.com

H2AS.com = Hydrogen Absolutely Sustainable or Hydrogen Air Storage

H2AV.com = Hydrogen Aviation … or/and AH2V.com

H2AW.com = Hydrogen Away … or/and AH2W.com

H2AX.com = Hydrogen Axiomatic … or/and AXH2.com … or/and AH2X.com

H2AY.com = Hydrogen Absolutely Yes

H2AZ.com = Hydrogen …



H2BB.com =

H2BD.com = Hydrogen Bangladesh

H2BF.com =

H2BL.com = Hydrogen Blockchain

H2BM.com = Hydrogen Bus Manufactured

H2BN.com = Hydrogen billion … or/and BNH2.com … or/and BH2N.com

H2BR.com = Hydrogen Brazil or British Rail … or/and BRH2.com

H2BS.com = Hydrogen Bus Station or Hydrogen Battery Storage or Hydrogen Baltc Sea

H2BV.com = Hydrogen Best Value … or/and BVH2.com … or/and BH2V.com

H2BW.com = Hydrogen Botswana

H2BX.com = Hydrogen Box … or/and BXH2.com

H2BY.com = Hydrogen Belarus … or/and BH2Y.com

H2BZ.com = Hydrogen Big Zero or Brenstoffzelle … or/and BZH2.com



H2CF.com = Hydrogen Clean Factory

H2CJ.com = Hydrogen Cayman Islands

H2CK.com = Hydrogen California K… … or/and CKH2.com

H2CQ.com =

H2CR.com = Hydrogen Costa Rica … or/and CH2R.com

H2CT.com = Hydrogen Cape Town

H2CW.com = Hydrogen Clean Water

H2CX.com =

H2CY.com = Hydrogen Cyprus … or/and CYH2.com … or/and VH2Y.com

H2CZ.com = Hydrogen Czech Republic … or Hydrogen Carbon Zero



H2DA.com = Hydrogen Development Affordable

H2DF.com = Hydrogen Dual Fuel

H2DG.com = Hydrogen

H2DH.com = Hydrogen

H2DK.com = Hydrogen Denmark and www.H2Denmark.com … or/and DKH2.com

H2DL.com = Hydrogen

H2DQ.com = Hydrogen Demand Qatar

H2DU.com = Hydrogen Down Under or Dutch or Dubai

H2DV.com = Hydrogen … or/and DH2V.com

H2DW.com = Hydrogen

H2DX.com = Hydrogen …. or/and DXH2.com

H2DY.com =

H2DZ.com = Hydrogen Algeria



H2EA.com = Hydrogen Energy Affordable

H2EB.com = Hydrogen Energy Battery

H2EC.com = Hydrogen Electric Car

H2EF.com = Hydrogen Efuels or Hydrogen Emission Free or Energy Future …. or/and EFH2.com … or/and EH2F.com

H2EH.com = Hydrogen Energy Hub

H2EL.com = Hydrogen Energy Ltd.

H2elm.com = Hydrogen

H2EN.com = Hydrogen Engine …. ENH2.com = Engine Hydrogen

H2EQ.com = Hydrogen Equity

H2EV.com = Hydrogen Electric Vehicle … H2EVs.com … HyEVs.com … HydEVs.com … HydrogenEV.com … HydrogenEVs.com … H-EV.com … H-EVs.com … H2-EV.com … H2-EVs.com … Hy-EV.com … Hyd-EV.com … Hyd-EVs.com … Hydrogen-EV.com … Hydrogen-EVs.com

H2EW.com = Hydrogen Energy World … or/and EH2W.com

H2EY.com = Hydrogen Energy Yield … or/and EH2Y.com



H2FD.com = Hydrogen Fuel Delivery

H2FE.com = Hydrogen Fuel Energy … or … Ferry … or/and … H2EF.com … or/and … FH2E.com

H2FH.com = Hydrogen Fuel Home … or … For Health … or/and FHH2.com

H2FP.com = Hydrogen For Power … or/and FPH2.com

H2FT.com = Hydrogen Fuel Tanks … or/and FTH2.com



H2GD.com = Hydrogen Green Delivery

H2GE.com = Hydrogen Green Energy

H2GF.com = Hydrogen Green Future …or Hydrogen Green Finance

H2GG.com = Hydrogen Green Gas … or Hydrogen Green Global … or/and GGH2.com … or/and GH2G.com

H2GH.com = Hydrogen Green House

H2GI.com = Hydrogen Green Investment … or/and GIH2.com … or/and GH2I.com

H2GJ.com = Hydrogen Green Jobs … or/and GJH2.com … or/and GH2J.com

H2GQ.com = Hydrogen Green Quality … or/and GQH2.com

H2GV.com = Hydrogen Green Vehicle … or/and GVH2.com

H2GX.com = Hydrogen Green Xplosion … or/and GXH2.com

H2GZ.com = Hydrogen Green Zones



H2HV.com = Hydrogen Vessel

H2HW.com = Hydrogen World

H2HX.com = Hydrogen … or/and HXH2.com

H2HZ.com = Hydrogen Zero-Emission … or/and HH2Z.com



H2IA.com = Hydrogen

H2IB.com = Hydrogen Ideal Basic

H2IE.com = Hydrogen Ideal Energy or Hydrogen Improved Efficiency … or/and IEH2.com

H2IF.com = Hydrogen

H2IG.com = Hydrogen International Guide … or/and IH2G.com

H2IH.com = Hydrogen … or/and IHH2.com

H2IJ.com = Hydrogen IT Jobs … or/and IJH2.com = IT Jobs Hydrogen … or/and IH2J.com = IT H2 Jobs

H2IR.com = Hydrogen … or/and IRH2.com … or/and IH2R.com

H2IW.com = Hydrogen … or/and IWH2.com

H2IX.com = Hydrrogen Industry

H2IY.com = Hydrogen … or/and IYH2.com … or/and IH2Y.com

H2IZ.com = Hydrogen … or/and IZH2.com … or/and IH2Z.com



H2JA.com = Hydrogen … or/and JAH2.com

H2JC.com = Hydrogen

H2JE.com = Hydrogen … or/and JEH2.com … or/and JH2E.com

H2JJ.com = Hydrogen

H2JI.com = Hydrogen … or/and JIH2.com

H2JG.com = Hydrogen ….or/and JGH2.com … or/and JH2G.com

H2JH.com = Hydrogen

H2JN.com = Hydrogen … or/and JH2N.com

H2JQ.com = Hydrogen

H2JR.com = Hydrogen

H2JS.com = Hydrogen Storage

H2JT.com = Hydrogen … or/and JH2T.com

H2JV.com = Hydrogen … or/and JVH2.com … or/and JH2V.com

H2JX.com = Hydrogen

H2JY.com = Hydrogen

H2JZ.com = Hydrogen … or/and JH2Z.com



H2KB.com = Hydrogen

H2KC.com = Hydrogen … or/and KCH2.com … or/and KH2C.com

H2KD.com = Hydrogen … or/and KDH2.com

H2KF.com = Hydrogen … or/and KH2F.com

H2KG.com = Hydrogen

H2KH.com = Hydrogen … or/and KHH2.com

H2KI.com = Hydrogen … or/and KIH2.com … or/and KH2I.com

H2KK.com = Hydrogen

H2KN.com = Hydrogen … or/and KH2N.com

K2KQ.com = Hydrogen … or/and KQH2.com … or/and KH2Q.com

H2KR.com = Hydrogen Korea

H2KT.com = Hydrogen … or/and KTH2.com

H2KU.com = Hydrogen … or/and KUH2.com

H2KX.com = Hydrogen … or/and KH2X.com

H2KY.com = Hydrogen … or/and KH2Y.com



H2LA.com = Hydrogen Liquid Airplane … or/and LH2A.com

H2LC.com = Hydrogen Liquid Car

H2LD.com = Hydrogen Liquid Delivery … or/and LH2D.com

H2LE.com = Hydrogen

H2LG.com =

H2LH.com = Hydrogen Lufthansa

H2LI.com = Hydrogen Liquid … or Hydrogen Liquefaction … or/and LIH2.com

H2LJ.com = Hydrogen Liquid Jet … or/and LH2J.com

H2LL.com = Hydrogen Liquid Loading

H2LN.com = Hydrogen Liquid Norway … or/and LH2N.com

H2LP.com = Hydrogen Liquid Point … or/and LPH2.com

H2LQ.com = Hydrogen Liquid Quality … or/and LH2Q.com

H2LT.com = Hydrogen Liquid Transport … or/and LTH2.com

H2LU.com = Hydrogen Liquid Uses … or/and LUH2.com

H2LW.com = Hydrogen Liquid Water

H2LX.com = Hydrogen Liquid X … or/and LXH2.com

H2LY.com = Hydrogen Liquid Yacht … or/and LH2Y.com

H2LZ.com = Hydrogen Liquid Zero … or/and LH2Z.com



H2MJ.com = Hydrogen Mobility Jointventure … or/and MJH2.com

H2MM.com = Hydrogen Mobility

H2MQ.com = Hydrogen Mobility Qatar … or/and MQH2.com … or/and MH2Q.com

H2MR.com = Hydrogen Mobile Refueling … or … Hydrogen Mauritania … or/and MH2R.com

H2MT.com = Hydrogen Mobility Transport

H2MX.com = Hydrogen Mexico … or/and MXH2.com = Mexico Hydrogen

H2MZ.com = Hydrogen Mobility Zeroemission … or/and MZH2.com = Mobility Zeroemission Hydrogen



H2ND.com = Hydrogen Net … … or/and NDH2.com … or/and NH2D.com

H2NF.com = Hydrogen Net Future … or/and NH2F.com

H2NH.com = Hydrogen Net Heating Value … or/and NHH2.com

H2NK.com = Hydrogen Net Key

H2NL.com = Hydrogen Netherlands

H2NN.com = Hydrogen Net … … or/and NNH2.com

H2NP.com = Hydrogen Net … … or/and NPH2.com

H2NR.com = Hydrogen Net … … or/and NH2R.com

H2NZ.com … Net Zero



H2PA.com =

H2PE.com = Hydrogen Powered Engine

H2PF.com = Hydrogen Powered Ferry … or/and PFH2.com … or/and PH2F.com

H2PJ.com = Hydrogen Powered Jets … or/and PH2J.com

H2PN.com = Hydrogen Power Norway … or/and PNH2.com … or/and PH2N.com

H2PP.com = Hydrogen Powered Plane

H2PQ.com = Hydrogen Production Quality … or/and PQH2.com

H2PW.com = Hydrogen Power Works … or/and PWH2.com

H2PY.com = Hydrogen Powered Yacht … or/and PYH2.com … or/and PH2Y.com

H2PZ.com = Hydrogen Power Zimbabwe … or/and PZH2.com … or/and PH2Z.com



H2QB.com = Hydrogen … or/and QBH2.com … or/and QH2B.com

H2QC.com =

H2QD.com = Hydrogen … or/and QH2D.com

H2QE.com = Hydrogen … or/and QH2E.com

H2QG.com = Hydrogen

H2QH.com = Hydrogen … or/and QH2H.com

H2QI.com =

H2QK.com = Hydrogen … or/and QKH2.com … or/and QH2K.com

H2QL.com = Hydrogen … or/and QLH2.com … or/and QH2L.com

H2QM.com = Hydrogen Quality Mobility … or/and QMH2.com … or/and QH2M.com

H2QN.com = Hydrogen … or/and QNH2.com … or/and QH2N.com

H2QQ.com =

H2QR.com = Hydrogen … or/and QRH2.com

H2QU.com = Hydrogen … or/and QUH2.com

H2QV.com = Hydrogen … or/and QVH2.com … or/and QH2V.com

H2QW.com = Hydrogen … or/and QWH2.com

H2QX.com = Hydrogen … or/and QH2X.com

H2QY.com = Hydrogen … or/and QH2Y.com

H2QZ.com = Hydrogen … or/and QZH2.com … or/and QH2Z.com



H2RB.com = Hydrogen Renewable Business … or/and RH2B.com

H2RG.com = Hydrogen Renewable Gas or Reliable Green

H2RH.com = Renewable Hydrogen … or/and FHH2.com

H2RJ.com = Hydrogen Renewable Jet … or/and RJH2.com

H2RK.com = Hydrogen Renewable Kerosene … or/and RKH2.com … or/and RH2K.com

H2RL.com = Hydrogen Renewable Liquidfuels … or/and RLH2.com

H2RM.com =

H2RN.com = Hydrogen Renewable Natural … or/and RH2N.com

H2RP.com = Hydrogen Renewable Power or Renewable Plant

H2RQ.com = Hydrogen Renewable Q … or/and RH2Q.com

H2RR.com = Hydrogen Renewable Resources … or Hydrogen Robust Reliability

H2RT.com = Hydrogen renewable Technology … or/and RTH2.com

H2RU.com = Hydrogen Renewable UK

H2RY.com = Hydrogen Renewable Youth … or/and RYH2.com … or/and RH2Y.com

H2RZ.com = Hydrogen Renewable Zero … or/and RZH2.com … or/and RH2Z.com



H2SE.com (Trade Mark H2SE®) = Hydrogen Smart Energy … or/and SEH2.com

H2SD.com = Hydrogen Sustainable Development

H2SF.com = Hydrogen Sustainable Fuel

H2SH.com = Hydrogen Sustainability Hub … or/and SHH2.com

H2SJ.com = Hydrogen Sustainability Journey

H2SK.com = Hydrogen Sustainability Kazakhstan … or/and SKH2.com

H2SU.com = Hydrogen Sustainability USA

H2SV.com = Hydrogen Sverige

H2SW.com = Hydrogen Sweden … or/and SWH2.com

H2SX.com = Hydrogen Sustainability XBox … or/and SXH2.com

H2SZ.com = Hydrogen Sustainability Zero … or/and SH2Z.com




H2SE.com = Hydrogen Sustainable Energy







H2TA.com = Hydrogen Technology Affordable

H2TF.com = Hydrogen Transformation … or/and TH2F.com

H2TI.com = Hydrogen Tajikistan

H2TJ.com = Hydrogen Tokyo Japan


H2TQ.com = Hydrogen Transmission Quality … or/and TQH2.com … or/and TH2Q.com

H2TT.com =

H2TW.com = Hydrogen Team Work … or/and TWH2.com

H2TZ.com = Hydrogen Tanzania … or/and TH2Z.com



H2UC.com = Hydrogen … or/and UH2C.com

H2UE.com =

H2UG.com = Hydrogen … or/and UH2C.com

H2UH.com = Hydrogen … or/and UHH2.com … or/and UH2H.com

H2UJ.com = Hydrogen … or/and UJH2.com … or/and UH2J.com

H2UL.com = Hydrogen … or/and ULH2.com

H2UM.com = Hydrogen Utility Mobility … or/and UMH2.com … or/and UH2M.com

H2UO.com = Hydrogen … or/and UOH2.com

H2UQ.com = Hydrogen … or/and OQH2.com … or/and UH2Q.com

H2UT.com = Hydrogen … or/and UTH2.com … or/and UH2T.com

H2UU.com = Hydrogen

H2UW.com = Hydrogen … or/and UH2W.com

H2UY.com = Hydrogen … or/and UH2W.com

H2UX.com = Hydrogen

H2UZ.com = Hydrogen Universe Zero … or/and UZH2.com



H2VB.com = Hydrogen … or/and VBH2.com

H2VD.com = Hydrogen … or/and VDH2.com … or/and VH2D.com

H2VE.com = Hydrogen … or/and VH2E.com

H2VF.com = Hydrogen

H2VH.com = Hydrogen … or/and VHH2.com … or/and VH2H.com

H2VJ.com = Hydrogen … or/and VJH2.com … or/and VH2J.com

H2VK.com = Hydrogen … or/and VKH2.com … or/and VH2K.com

H2VL.com = Hydrogen … or/and VLH2.com … or/and VH2L.com

H2VQ.com = Hydrogen … or/and VQH2.com

H2VT.com = Hydrogen Vehicle Tank … or/and VTH2.com … or/and VH2T.com

H2VY.com = Hydrogen … or/and VYH2.com … or/and VH2Y.com

H2VZ.com =



H2WA.com =

H2WD.com =

H2WF.com = Hydrogen

H2WG.com = Hydrogen World Green

H2WJ.com =

H2WK.com = Hydrogen

H2WL.com = Hydrogen

H2WM.com = Hydrogen … or/and WH2N.com

H2WN.com = Hydrogen … or/and WNH2.com

H2WQ.com = Hydrogen … or/and WH2Q.com

H2WT.com = Hydrogen

H2WU.com = Hydrogen … or/and WUH2.com

H2WV.com = Hydrogen … or/and WVH2.com … or/and WH2V.com

H2WY.com = Hydrogen … or/and WH2Y.com



H2XA.com = Hydrogen … or/and XH2A.com

H2XB.com = Hydrogen … or/and XH2B.com

H2XC.com = Hydrogen … or/and XCH2.com

H2XD.com = Hydrogen … or/and XH2D.com

H2XE.com = Hydrogen … or/and XEH2.com … or/and XH2E.com

H2XF.com =

H2XG.com = Hydrogen … or/and XGH2.com … or/and XH2G.com

H2XH.com = Hydrogen … or/and XH2H.com

H2XI.com = Hydrogen … or/and XIH2.com … or/and XH2I.com

H2XJ.com = Hydrogen … or/and XJH2.com

H2XK.com = Hydrogen … or/and XKH2.com … or/and XH2K.com

H2XL.com = Hydrogen … or/and XLH2.com … or/and XH2L.com

H2XM.com = Hydrogen X Market … or/and XH2M.com

H2XN.com = Hydrogen … or/and XNH2.com … or/and XH2N.com

H2XP.com = Hydrogen … or/and XPH2.com … or/and XH2P.com

H2XQ.com = Hydrogen … or/and XH2Q.com … or/and XH2Q.com

H2XR.com = Hydrogen … or/and XH2R.com

H2XU.com = Hydrogen … or/and XUH2.com … or/and XH2U.com

H2XV.com = Hydrogen … or/and XVH2.com … or/and XH2V.com

H2XW.com = Hydrogen … or/and XWH2.com … or/and XH2W.com

H2XY.com = Hydrogen XY … or/and H2XYZ.com … or/and H2XYZ.XYZ

H2XZ.com = Hydrogen … or/and XZH2.com



H2YA.com = Hydrogen

H2YB.com = Hydrogen

H2YC.com = Hydrogen

H2YD.com = Hydrogen … or/and YH2D.com

H2YF.com = Hydrogen … or/and YFH2.com

H2YG.com = Hydrogen … or/and YH2G.com

H2YJ.com = Hydrogen

H2YK.com = Hydrogen

H2YI.com = Hydrogen

H2YM.com = Hydrogen Yacht Market … or/and YH2M.com

H2YN.com = Hydrogen … or/and YNH2.com

H2YP.com = Hydrogen … or/and YH2P.com

H2YQ.com =

H2YR.com = Hydrogen … or/and YRH2.com … or/and YH2R.com

H2YS.com = Hydrogen

H2YU.com = Hydrogen

H2YV.com = Hydrogen

H2YW.com = Hydrogen … or/and YWH2.com … or/and YH2W.com

H2YY.com = Hydrogen

H2YZ.com = Hydrogen … or/and YH2Z.com



H2ZA.com = Hydrogen Zaire … or/and ZAH2.com … or/and ZH2A.com

H2ZC.com = Hydrogen Zero Carbon … or/and ZH2C.com

H2ZE.com (Trade Mark H2ZE®) … or/and ZH2E.com

H2ZF.com = Hydrogen ZF … or/and ZH2F.com

H2ZG.com = Hydrogen Zero Global … or/and ZH2G.com

H2ZH.com = Hydrogen Chinese … or/and ZH2H.com

H2ZI.com = Hydrogen Zimbabwe … or/and ZIH2.com … or/and ZH2I.com

H2ZJ.com = Hydrogen

H2ZK.com = Hydrogen … or/and ZH2K.com

H2ZL.com = Hydrogen

H2ZM.com = Hydrogen Zambia or South Africa … or/and ZMH2.com

H2ZN.com = Hydrogen Zero Net … or/and ZNH2.com

H2ZO.com =

H2ZP.com = Hydrogen Zero-Emission Power

H2ZQ.com = Hydrogen

H2ZR.com = Hydrogen Zero Rating … or/and ZH2R.com

H2ZS.com = Hydrogen Zero Storage

H2ZT.com = Hydrogen Zero Tolerance or Zero Top … or/and ZTH2.com

H2ZV.com = Hydrogen Zero Vision … or/and ZVH2.com

H2ZW.com = Hydrogen zero worldwide

H2ZX.com = Hydrogen Zero X … or/and ZH2X.com

H2ZY.com = Hydrogen Zypern

H2ZZ.com = Hydrogen Zero Z




H2NZE.com ….. Net Zero Emission

H2NZC.com …… Net Zero Carbon




H2Z.eu (H2Zero)

H2J.eu (H2Jet)

and more


Wir verkaufen Vorratsgesellschaften SE (Societas Europaea), AG (Aktiengesellschaft) oder GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung). Als zusätzlichen Service stellen wir emobility-Domains und/oder Marken zum Kauf, zur teillizensierten Verpachtung oder als Sacheinlage für eine Beteiligung an der NewCo zur Verfügung.

We sell shelf companies SE (Societas Europaea), AG (stock corporation) or GmbH (limited liability company). As an additional service, we provide emobility domains and/or trademarks for purchase, for partially licensed lease or as a contribution in kind for a share in NewCo.


Wir verkaufen dem Interessenten

  • eine Vorrats-SE oder
  • wir gründen für den Interessenten eine SE nach seinen inhaltlichen Vorgaben.

Diese SE könnte die Firma H2 SE® tragen und könnte als Unternehmensgegenstand die Themen

  • Wasserstoff; Chemikalien zur Lösung von Sauerstoff aus Wasser; Ammoniak; Chemische Zusätze für Kraftstoff und Treibstoff; Synthetische Ionenaustauschharze im Rohzustand zur Aufbereitung von Wasser für die Energieerzeugung; Chemische Filterstoffe für Wasser; Chemische Zusatzstoffe für Benzin (Nizza-Klasse 1);
  • Elektrische Energie; Elektrische Energie gewonnen aus Windkraft; Elektrische Energie gewonnen aus erneuerbaren Quellen; Kraftstoff; Benzin [Kraftstoff] (Nizza-Klasse 4);
  • Wasserstoffbetriebene Züge; Elektrische Brennstoffzellenautos; Elektrische Fahrzeugantriebe; Wasserstoffbetriebene Automobile (Nizza-Klasse 12);
  • Betankung von Fahrzeugen mit Wasserstoffgas (Nizza-Klasse 37);
  • Verteilung von Energie; Speicherung von Energie und Lagerung von Brennstoffen; Verteilung von regenerativer Energie (Nizza-Klasse 39) und
  • Erzeugung von Energie; Erzeugung von Elektrizität (Nizza-Klasse 40).

etc. beinhalten.


So der Interessent den Wunsch hat, vermitteln wir des Weiteren

  • die Marke H2SE® und
  • eine oder mehrere Domains für die Nutzung durch die SE.

Die Domain könnte www.H2SE.com oder www.SEH2.com lauten.

Wir liefern also

  • eine H2 SE® 
  • mit der Domain www.H2SE.com oder www.SEH2.com.

Das Nutzungsrecht an der Marke H2SE® und der Domain ist als Pacht, als Kauf oder als Sacheinlage möglich.

H2 Pacht der Domain und Lizensierung

Die Domain www.H2SE.com bzw. www.SEH2.com wird an die H2 SE® verpachtet.

Das Nutzungsrecht an dem Firmenbestandteil H2 SE® und an der verpachteten Domain www.H2SE.com bzw. www.SEH2.com zugunsten der (von K1 SE erworbene oder im Auftrag der K1 SE gegründete) H2 SE® wird von der Inhaberin der Marke H2SE® markenlizensiert und damit sichergestellt.

Hinweis: Die Marke H2SE® wird nicht exklusiv zur Nutzung lizensiert, was bedeutet, dass sich die Inhaberin der Marke H2SE® das Recht vorbehält, die Marke H2SE® zur Nutzung auch an andere, neu gegründete oder bestehende Gesellschaften (nicht exklusiv) zu lizensieren, insbesondere im Zusammenhang mit anderen Domains (z.B. www.H2SE.com oder www.SEH2.com).

H2 Verkauf der Domain und Lizensierung

Die Domain www.H2SE.com bzw. www.SEH2.com wird an die H2 SE® verkauft.

Das Nutzungsrecht an dem Firmenbestandteil H2SE® und an der verkauften Domain www.H2SE.com bzw. www.SEH2.com zugunsten der (von K1 SE erworbene oder im Auftrag der K1 SE gegründete) H2 SE® wird von der Inhaberin der Marke H2SE® markenlizensiert und damit sichergestellt.

H2 Beteiligung K1 SE durch Sacheinlage und Lizensierung

K1 SE beteiligt sich an verschiedenen bestehenden deutschen Gesellschaften (GmbH, AG, SE etc.) mit dem oben dargestellten Unternehmensgegenstand etc..

Im Wege der Kapitalerhöhung gegen Sacheinlage zeichnet K1 SE Gesellschaftsanteile an einer bestehenden Gesellschaft und bringt in diese Gesellschaft als Sacheinlage im konkreten Fall neben dem Recht,

  • die Marke H2SE® als Firmenbestandteil (§§ 17 ff HGB) zu nutzen,
  • auch die Domain www.H2SE.com bzw. www.SEH2.com ein.

Das Nutzungsrecht an der Marke H2SE® durch die bereits bestehende Gesellschaft wird von der Inhaberin der Marke H2SE® markenlizensiert und damit sichergestellt.

Hinweis: Die Marke H2SE® wird nicht exklusiv zur Nutzung lizensiert, was bedeutet, dass sich die Inhaberin der Marke H2SE® das Recht vorbehält, die Marke H2SE® zur Nutzung auch an andere, neu gegründete oder bestehende Gesellschaften (nicht exklusiv) zu lizensieren, insbesondere im Zusammenhang mit anderen Domains (z.B. www.H2SE.com oder www.SEH2.com).

H2 Growdinvesting

Mit Growdinvesting über eine spezielle Plattform initiiert K1 SE in der grünen Wasserstoffwirtschaft neue Geschäftsprojekte, wie die Erzeugung von Energie, Speichern, Transport, Personenverkehr, Schwertransport, Schifffahrt, Chemieindustrie, Stahlindustrie etc.

H2 Änderung der Firma

Auch eine Änderung der Firma (§§ 17 ff HGB) der bestehenden Gesellschaft in eine neue Firma mit dem Bestandteil H2SE® (z.B. H2SE® GmbH) ist möglich und das Nutzungsrecht an der Marke H2SE® wird markenlizensiert und damit sichergestellt.

Weitere Domains zu SE siehe hier 


Auf weiteren Wunsch melden wir eine Trade mark für die NewCo-SE beim DPMA oder EUIPO an. Die Marke H2SE® besteht bereits, siehe auch hier.


Die NewCo (Vorratsgesellschaft) mit H2-Domains wird von uns nur verkauft, wenn sie ihre Geschäfte im oben beschriebenen Bereich betreibt.

Die NewCO (Vorratsgesellschaft) muss ihren Sitz in Deutschland haben.

Wir betreiben keine Rechtsberatung. Bei Bedarf beantworten unsere Kooperationspartner, die Rechtsanwälte und Steuerberater von www.K1.de Ihre Fragen.


Anfragen, Angebote etc. bitte über Kontakt oder post@vorratsgesellschaft.com oder Trade mark




We sell the interested party a

  • stock SE or
  • we establish an SE for the interested party according to its content specifications.

This SE could bear the name H2 SE® and must include the subject of hydrogen, hydrogen dispensers for filling stations, generation of energy, etc. as its business purpose.


If the prospective customer has the wish, we mediate furthermore

  • the trademark H2SE® and
  • one or more domains for the use by the SE.

The domain could be www.H2SE.com or www.SEH2.com.

So we deliver

  • a H2 SE®
  • with the domain www.H2SE.com or www.SEH2.com.

This SE could bear the name H2 SE® and could have the following topics as its corporate purpose:

  • Hydrogen; Chemicals for dissolving oxygen from water; Ammonia; Additives, chemical, to motor fuel; Unprocessed artificial ion exchange resins for treating water used in power generation; Filtering media [chemical] for water (Nice classes 1);
  • Electrical energy; Electrical energy from wind power; Electrical energy from renewable sources; Fuel; Benzine fuel (Nice classes 4);
  • Hydrogen fueled trains; Fuel cell electric cars; Motors, electric, for land vehicles; Hydrogen fueled cars(Nice classes 12);
  • Fueling of hydrogen gas for vehicles(Nice classes 37);
  • Distribution of energy; Storage of energy and fuels; Distribution of renewable energy (Nice classes 39) and
  • Energy production; Electricity generating (Nice classes 40).

H2 Lease of the domain and licensing

The domain www.H2SE.com or wwww.SEH2.com is leased to H2SE®.

The right to use the company component H2SE®and the leased domain www.H2SE.com or www.SEH2.com in favor of H2 SE® (acquired by K1 SE or established on behalf of K1 SE) is trademark-licensed by the owner of the trademark H2SE® and thus secured.

Note: The H2SE® trademark is licensed for non-exclusive use, which means that the owner of the H2SE® trademark reserves the right to license the H2SE® trademark for use also to other, newly established or existing companies (non-exclusively), especially in connection with other domains (e.g. www.H2SE.comor www.SEH2.com).

H2 Sale of the domain and licensing

The domain www.H2SE.com or www.SEH2.com is sold to H2 SE®.

The right to use the company component H2SE® and the sold domain www.H2SE.com or www.SEH2.com in favor of H2 SE® (acquired by K1 SE or founded on behalf of K1 SE) is trademark-licensed by the owner of the trademark H2SE® and thus secured.

Note: The H2SE® trademark is licensed for non-exclusive use, which means that the owner of the H2SE® trademark reserves the right to license the H2SE® trademark for use also to other, newly established or existing companies (non-exclusively), especially in connection with other domains (e.g. www.H2SE.com or www.SEH2.com).

H2 Participation K1 SE through contribution in kind and licensing

K1 SE participates in various existing German companies (GmbH, AG, SE etc.) with the business purpose hydrogen, hydrogen dispensers for filling stations, generation of energy etc..

By way of capital increase against contribution in kind, K1 SE subscribes to shares in an existing company and contributes to this company as contribution in kind in the specific case, in addition to the right,

  • the right to use the trademark H2SE® as part of the company (§§ 17 ff HGB),
  • the domain www.H2SE.com or www.SEH2.com.

The right to use the H2SE® trademark by the already existing company is trademark-licensed by the owner of the H2SE® trademark and thus secured.

Note: The H2SE® trademark is licensed for non-exclusive use, which means that the owner of the H2SE® trademark reserves the right to license the H2SE® trademark for use also to other, newly established or existing companies (non-exclusively), especially in connection with other domains (e.g. www.H2SE.com or www.SEH2.com).

H2 Crowdinvesting

With growdinvesting through a special platform, K1 SE initiates new business projects in the green hydrogen economy, such as the generation of energy, storage, transportation, passenger transportation, heavy transportation, shipping, chemical industry, steel industry, etc.

H2 change of the company

It is also possible to change the company name (§§ 17 ff HGB) of the existing company into a new company with the component H2SE® (e.g. H2SE® GmbH) and the right to use the trademark H2SE® is trademark-licensed and thus secured.

Further domains to SE see here.


On further request we will apply for a Trade mark for NewCo-SE at the DPMA or EUIPO. The H2SE® brand already exists, see also  here.


The NewCo (shelf company) with H2 domains will be sold by us only if it conducts its business in the field of hydrogen, hydrogen dispensers for gas stations, generation of energy etc.

The NewCO (shelf company) must have its registered office in Germany.

We do not provide legal advice. If required, our cooperation partners, the lawyers and tax advisors of www.K1.de will answer your questions.


Please send inquiries, offers etc. via Contact or post@vorratsgesellschaft.com or Trade mark